Why you should monitor your competitors

Work at least as well as your competitors

Why you should monitor your competitors

In many cases, it can be smart to see how your competitors are working. What are they focusing on, are they introducing new products, what words are they using in titles and descriptions, and so on. All this is good and valuable information you can use to your advantage in your work on your own site.

Keeping up to date on the 2-5 most important competitors can be crucial in deciding how you should focus and prioritize your time. It's rarely a good solution to adjust your entire business model to match your competitors; that's not what we're talking about. What we're talking about here is what kind of texts and focus areas your competitors have. You can see this very well with SEO Easy (or SEO Standard), where you can, for example, see what kind of text they use in titles and descriptions. You can also see how much they focus on the length of texts and whether they use titles and alt-text on images. With this information, you can use it to your advantage and ensure that you rank better than your competitors by optimizing your website more.

The most successful of our customers monitor several of their competitors, giving them a significant advantage!

In addition to this, you also get direct access to your competitors' products and product categories, which can open up unforeseen opportunities.

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