Why use Sonar?

Why Sonar – and not Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console – or others?

Sonar is for anyone who owns a website or online store and wants better results.

Here are some aspects where Sonar differs from its competitors:

Why use Sonar?

Faster Initial Check/Scanning

In modules like SEO Standard (which checks your website for errors and issues), Sonar can scan through a website with thousands of subpages in about an hour.

No Code or Verification Required

Unlike other systems, such as Google Search Console (Google's webmaster tool), we don't require any forms or code to verify that you own the website. No codes, no tags, no verification. This means you can even check your competitors in Sonar (which we recommend you do!)

Faster Checks/Scans After Making Changes

In SEO Standard, after fixing an error, you can either trigger a new scan of the entire website or wait for Sonar to automatically recheck your pages. Sonar is as fast as ... something very fast!

More Comprehensive Checks and Scans

While some systems focus on a few (but crucial) elements, others provide a brief overview – we focus on everything. There's no shortcut to good results, and the only method is hard work and thoroughness. The depth and thoroughness of Sonar's scans are noticeably different from others.


We aim to be among the most affordable solutions for website owners! Read more about our pricing here.

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