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Sonar is an SEO tool for all website owners, whether you have a small website, a large website with millions of pages, or something in between.

Sonar continuously checks your web pages for errors and potential improvements - we call them suggestions - to improve speed and give you higher search engine rankings.

The system checks for various elements on your website to help you achieve the highest possible ranking and provide the best user experience.

When Sonar finds a suggestion, it will be listed as a task for you to complete. Sonar automatically checks your website, and all you need to do is fix any errors that are found. Sonar will then remove it from the list.

Click here if you're not sure about what Sonar does compared to Google's webmaster tools.

The number of checks Sonar performs increases over time, so if Sonar finds 0 suggestions to fix today, the system may find something tomorrow. Based on big data and AI, Sonar improves over time to capture changing trends and new optimization methods.

A must-have SEO tool for all website owners, working with all types of websites!

We can also help you fix the errors.

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