We believe in transparency. That's why all our prices for packages and solutions are open and accessible to everyone. We want you to trust both us, Sonar, and the data you receive from us.

All prices are in US Dollars.

Product Price Period Go!
SEO Easy $ 139 Yearly Go!
SEO Standard $ 209 Yearly Go!
SEO Free $ 0 Yearly Go!
Controller $ 949 Yearly Go!
Safety $ 285 Yearly Go!
Audience $ 175 Yearly Go!
Monitor $ 19 Yearly Go!
Rank $ 49 Yearly Go!

Sonar was built to help many – many – customers. Sonar is developed in a way that it evolves and improves with every new customer who uses it. These changes then apply to all existing customers. Because of this continuous and automated improvement, Sonar can be marketed as an affordable option without compromising quality. Sonar gets better every day, automatically – so you can have the highest possible quality for your website.


We want Sonar to be the preferred solution for all website owners, not just the "pros."

All customers are valued, whether you are small or large. You and your website add something unique to Sonar, which enables us to make Sonar more robust and enhanced for you.

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