Launch of Sonar 3!

November 4, 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have reached the finish line with a brand-new version of Sonar, with a range of improvements for you as a customer! Sorry for the long email, but we have a lot to share!

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  • New Services: "Onsite" is renamed to "SEO Standard" because we have created a free version, and a more affordable version called "SEO Easy". Easy is for those who closely examine their competitors, providing you with the most basic information you need to know about your competitors. It works similarly to Standard, where you add the domain you want to check and order SEO Easy. Some of our customers who are most successful online check several competitors.
  • SEO Standard: You get a more detailed view of each individual page, making it easier to overview and make the necessary changes.
  • SEO Standard: There is now a statistics module that allows you to track development over time. On this page, you can also get a preview of how the page may look in Google, which is useful for the length of titles and meta descriptions.
  • SEO Standard: All improvement suggestions are divided into three categories, making it easier for you to prioritize and select the pages you should start working on. The categories are High, Medium, and Low priority.
  • SEO Standard: We have added several new checks that Sonar now performs on your website. This means your SEO score may change when you log into the new version.
  • Appearance: We have raised the appearance several notches, so it may take some getting used to at first, perhaps? But we have upgraded all code, languages, and features to meet the ever-evolving demands of our customers.
  • Accessibility: Norwegian and English languages have been overhauled, and we have expanded with Spanish, Danish and Swedish, as we have customers in multiple countries. We will be expanding to more countries in 2024.
  • Pricing: Even in a time when everything has become more expensive for most, we choose to maintain the current prices for 2024, which means Sonar has not had a single price increase since the beginning. However, we have created an affordable version, SEO Standard, and also a 100% free version.
  • Help and Support: It is possible to chat directly with us if you have simple questions.
  • Help and Support: One last thing is that it's easier for you to book us to help you. There is now a dedicated feature to schedule a meeting with us within Sonar, for those of you who are stuck or need an external perspective.

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